Post Doc - Selective Vulnerability in Alzheimer's Disease

Do you want to help find out what is really going on in Alzheimer's disease? Why does the disease sweep through the brain in such a determined manner? Why do amyloid aggregates form in certain brain regions and not others? Why are some brain regions devastated and others spared?

In our previous work we have identified a new mode of amyloid interactions based on local sequence similarity to aggregation prone regions and the National Institute on Aging has just granted us a 5-year project to investigate the interaction of amyloid-beta and tau with other brain region-specific proteins.

The project entails:

  • a genome-wide computational screen for specific (heterotypic) interactions between the aggregation-prone regions of amyloid-forming proteins and the background proteome
  • testing the candidate proteins in cellular models and then in mice
  • biophysical analyses to discern the exact mechanism by which heterotypic interactions change amyloid formation.

We’re looking for a post doc to join a growing team to take this project to fruition.

Your profile:

  • A PhD in a topic related to protein aggregation /protein biophysics
  • A keen interest in protein aggregation and its role in disease
  • Expertise in biophysical or biochemical methods to study protein aggregation
  • A high affinity for bioinformatics
  • A solid publication record
  • Highly motivated, enthusiastic, critical, and creative
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Can supervise doctoral/master's students
  • Can work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team
  • Experience with mammalian cell culture or high-content screening is a plus

What we offer:

  • A 4-year+ timeline at a world-renowned institution
  • State of the art research facilities.
  • Administrative support (orders, reporting, ethical approvals, etc.) so that you can focus on the project
  • Access to the resources of two host institutions:

    VIB, an excellence-based research institute

    KU Leuven, one of Europe’s leading research universities

  • A vibrant, world-class research environment operating at an international level
  • A dedicated training program to broaden your expertise and enhance your skillset.
  • At SWITCH, we pay particular attention to our people's career development goals and actively support our lab members' ambitions in the lab and beyond. You can see here where our alumni are now.
  • A competitive compensation package based on expertise and experience

Starting Date:

as soon as possible

How to apply?

Please complete the online application procedure and include a detailed CV, including a list of publications, a motivation letter, and the contact information of three referees.

Contact if you need more information.