Post-doc position – Structural Bioinformatics of protein interactions

Are you passionate about deciphering the mysteries of life through computational analysis? Do you possess a keen interest in structural biology and its implications in drug discovery and biomolecular function? We are looking for an experienced postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in modelling of proteins and their interactions, including using empirical force fields, like FoldX.

What is the project all about?

We are coordinating a large interdisciplinary project to develop a new generation of protein engineering and design tools, with the goal of designing protein-protein interactions. Our work, which aims to have a direct impact on drug discovery and has a strong valorization angle, makes strong use of the FoldX force field, and related tools, such as ModelX and TANGO. As always, our work starts from a thorough analysis of existing protein structures, to extract rules and databases of working examples, and from there implement novel design approaches.

The job:

Together with the PIs of the Switch Lab you will be part of a team that is developing new tools to analyze and predict protein-protein interactions. You will be well supported on an administrative level, allowing you to focus on the science, both hands-on in the lab and analyzing data.


• Utilize computational tools and techniques to model and analyze the structure and function of proteins and protein complexes. • Employ and enhance our innovative tools for protein-ligand docking, and structure-based protein design. • Develop and implement algorithms and pipelines for structural bioinformatics analyses. • Collaborate with experimentalists to integrate computational and experimental data. • Stay abreast of the latest developments in structural biology and bioinformatics.


• Ph.D. or Master's degree in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Structural Biology, or related field. • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R, C++, or Perl. • Experience with molecular modeling software (e.g., FoldX, Schrödinger Suite, Rosetta). • Strong understanding of structural biology principles and techniques. • Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Familiarity with empirical force fields • Experience with high-performance computing clusters. • Track record of publications in structural bioinformatics or related fields.

What we offer:

  • A vibrant, world-class research environment operating at an international level
  • State of the art research facilities.
  • Administrative support (orders, reporting, ethical approvals, etc.) so that you can focus on the project
  • Access to the resources of two host institutions:

    VIB, an excellence-based research institute

    KU Leuven, one of Europe’s leading research universities

  • A vibrant, world-class research environment operating at an international level
  • A dedicated training program to broaden your expertise and enhance your skillset.
  • At SWITCH, we pay particular attention to our people's career development goals and actively support our lab members' ambitions in the lab and beyond. You can see here where our alumni are now.
  • A competitive compensation package based on expertise and experience

Starting Date:

as soon as possible

How to apply?

Please complete the online application procedure and include a detailed CV, including a list of publications, a motivation letter, and the contact information of at least two referees.

Contact if you need more information.