Conformational analysis

FT-IR - Confocheck (Bruker)

The Confocheck is a dedicated FT-IR system for the detection of protein conformational changes and determination of secondary structure

Key features :


  • Allows the measurement of water soluble proteins or solubilized membrane-bound proteins
  • Features a flow-through transmission cell, with an optimal path length of ~7 µm
  • Can easily measure low protein concentrations (below 0.1 mg/ml)

BioATRCell II:

  • Allows temperature-induced unfolding / refolding studies
  • Automated temperature ramps (0-95°C) to follow specific changes of the secondary structure and determine the proteins melting point.

HTS-XT module:

  • A microplate reader for automated infrared spectroscopic analysis of large sample numbers in standardized microplate format
  • Allows measurements in transmission or reflection formats