Particle sizing



• HPLC with quaternary pump, autosampler, column oven, UV and fluorescence detection (Agilent 1260 Infinity II)

• Dawn MALS detector with embedded DLS (Wyatt)

• Optilab Refractive index detector (Wyatt)

• Eclipse separation system (Wyatt)

Key Features

• Chromatographic separation of proteins and complexes using SEC or FFF

• Measure absolute molar mass and size with online multi-angle light scattering

• Simultaneous measurement of static and dynamic light scattering

• Concentration determination using refractive index detector (Optilab Wyatt) or UV absorbance detector (Agilent)

• Inline Fluorescence detector


• Biophysical characterization of proteins (MW, rH and RMS radius)

• Thioflavin T (ThT) fluorescence to detect formation of amyloid fibrils

• Protein conjugation

• AAV Viral Vector characterization (total viral titer, empty:full ratio)