SWITCH is a highly interdisciplinary research laboratory with a wide range of facilities, spanning from bio-informatics, molecular cloning, peptide and protein production, biophysical analysis, mammalian cell culture, biochemistry, all the way to animal experiments and analysis of patient tissues.

SWITCH is located on the life sciences campus that KU Leuven has constructed around its academic hospital and which is one of the largest centers in Europe for biomedical research, hosting state of the art animal facilities, biobanks and general research facilities. SWITCH is also part of VIB, which is a top-class center of excellence with more than 1200 researchers carrying out research at the frontline of the life sciences. In addition to our own platform, we have full access to KU Leuven and VIB facilities for genomics, mass spectrometry, electron and light microscopy, among others.


laboratory - Bacterial expression

Bacterial expression

Fully equipped facility for bacterial expression

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laboratory - Mammalian cell culture

Mammalian cell culture

Fully equipped cell culture facility

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laboratory - Biophysics Platform

Biophysics Platform

An extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment

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laboratory - Peptide Synthesis

Peptide Synthesis

In-house peptide synthesis and analysis

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laboratory - Protein purification

Protein purification

Fast performance liquid chromatography

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laboratory - Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy

VIB Expertise Unit - Scanning and Transmission electron microscopy

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laboratory - Light Microscopy and Imaging

Light Microscopy and Imaging

VIB Expertise Unit - Light Microscopy and Imaging Network (LiMoNe)

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